Why the cyber attack on Sony has opened Pandora's box

Many of you I am sure have read all about the attack on Sony all over the news lately and them pulling a film over North Korea. See the film was not the problem it was the act of cyber terrorism that occurred and the way it happened that makes this an even bigger threat to the world we live in. The fact that Sony supposedly pulled the video is a successful attack in itself. Sony didn’t pull the video the movie theaters did for fear of supposedly being blown up. What is wrong with people are we all cowards and let the world dictate how we live? This simple cyber attack has just now revealed our weekness as a country and brought us an even bigger problem to our doorstep. The success of this cyber attack campaign by North Korea has now shown the world how to target Americas pockets and tap into our thoughts and control them for that matter through terrorism. Here we are worried about Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and the Middle East for that matter when the real threats are occurring at our doorsteps by socially engineering attacks. Wake up America and prepare for an influx of attacks. I predict 2015 to be the dawn of a new age and a new type of war against humanity for that matter. Sony should distribute the video on its own across the web to make a stand and protect itself from humiliation. No one should be able to dictate who and what we can do. The big companies want net neutrality stomped on? Think about the bigger picture here. It all comes together and plays a big role in keeping the world movig forward. If anything this should be a wake up call and the who’s who of companies should be buying into net neutrality because that is a layer of protection in itself and that is my opinion on the whole matter. 

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  1. Peter Moschopoulos

    That's not quite correct. Sony did pull the film out of theaters. Granted, it occurred after some theaters blocked them first out of fear. Paramount also blocked their NK film, Team America, from being shown as well. While it is entirely possible that Sony fears for public safety, I have a heaping suspicion that Sony is also concerned that they are still very vulnerable to another hack attack. The quantity and quality of the material in the Sony hack was pretty large. Sony already had a poor reputation for security after the Playstation network hacks ( another division, granted, so take that point with a grain of salt). If we learned anything from this hack, it's that Sony pictures had incredibly bad IT security and safeguards.

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