VMware backups in the cloud

I’m sure most of you out there running VMware have all come to love the product. I for one swear by VMware and although it’s TCO may be more up front, in the long run your ROI is what matters most. With all of that being said we all have to cringe when it comes to thinking about backing it up. I have played around with many cloud backup solutions out there but it always came down to cost and reliability.

There are multiple ways to backup your virtual machines in VMware. There are both software and hardware solutions out there, but I’m only going to talk about software today. I have spent the last few months playing around with Intronis, Cloudbacko, Veeam and CloudBerry. My favorite from a pure cost and functionality standpoint would have to be CloudBerry
Why CloudBerry you ask? I run a mixed environment which includes active directory servers, exchange, file services and a few more which all need to be backed up on a daily basis. If there is one thing I love it’s not being stuck with providers and Cloudberry seems to have the widest support for providers like S3, Azure etc, and for me the means one thing cost savings. For a small investment of 299.99 you can purchase the enterprise edition of CloudBerry and you are off to the races. The only Monthly charges you will have to be concerned about is your cloud storage which for me runs roughly about $30.00 / mo. In my opinion you can’t beat backing up your small business with an enterprise class solution for that cheap. If you aren’t willing to commit the funds  right away they offer a try before you buy so you can fully test the product before you make the jump. 
As for the others Veeam just requires way too much over head before you get a proper solution in place. Cloudbacko’s interface seemed nice but because it’s based on Java for its back end just made it a pig and sluggish. Intronis was a somewhat decent product but my experience with it out of the box was not what I envisioned. I had to do a lot of tweaking just to get exchange backing up properly. 
Anyhow enough about cloud backups for me CloudBerry for the win. Anyone else tried any other solutions out there?

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