Diy custom altcoin mining rig 

Heres a little project I started over the past few weeks and I am still not done yet. 


10 free marketing techniques to start your business

Here is a great power point presentation that I received from someone who offers 10 free marketing techniques to help give you a head start on your business. The best part about it is that it is free and it will help you skyrocket to the top. Click the link below to download the Free marketing Powerpoint.

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10 Marketing Techniques without spending a cent

Marketing without spending a cent

Apple shines again from major Android exploit

Looks like the android platform is under fire again with the so called Stagefright vulnerability.
Over 950 Million devices sold within the past 5 years are succeptable to a major exploit. I wonder how this will reflect on their market share in the next few weeks. How many of you honestly really think that you will be affected though? I think it’s just another ploy to get the market moving because we need some new news.

Anyone else care to comment?

Projects I am currently working on

So since I have been looking for backup solutions I decided to start building my own Virtual Backup Appliance. I am currently building a system based on Ubuntu Server using ZFS for my back end data store. All of these backups will be sent offsite to Amazon S3 for storage. I will keep this project updated as I move along.


Why the cyber attack on Sony has opened Pandora's box

Many of you I am sure have read all about the attack on Sony all over the news lately and them pulling a film over North Korea. See the film was not the problem it was the act of cyber terrorism that occurred and the way it happened that makes this an even bigger threat to the world we live in. The fact that Sony supposedly pulled the video is a successful attack in itself. Sony didn’t pull the video the movie theaters did for fear of supposedly being blown up. What is wrong with people are we all cowards and let the world dictate how we live? This simple cyber attack has just now revealed our weekness as a country and brought us an even bigger problem to our doorstep. The success of this cyber attack campaign by North Korea has now shown the world how to target Americas pockets and tap into our thoughts and control them for that matter through terrorism. Here we are worried about Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and the Middle East for that matter when the real threats are occurring at our doorsteps by socially engineering attacks. Wake up America and prepare for an influx of attacks. I predict 2015 to be the dawn of a new age and a new type of war against humanity for that matter. Sony should distribute the video on its own across the web to make a stand and protect itself from humiliation. No one should be able to dictate who and what we can do. The big companies want net neutrality stomped on? Think about the bigger picture here. It all comes together and plays a big role in keeping the world movig forward. If anything this should be a wake up call and the who’s who of companies should be buying into net neutrality because that is a layer of protection in itself and that is my opinion on the whole matter. 

Anyone care to comment? Feel free to.  to

The power of iTunes and why I love making music

So as I have been looking around and writing to a few fans on Facebook and responding to emails, someone pointed out to me that a couple of my more chill out productions are featured on a couple of compilations. I have verified that this is the case and I can’t be happier. I produced these tunes back in 2010 and like most music it tends to take a while to get traction especially in the electronic music arena. This is why I love making music and why I keep doing it for the love and not the money, because let’s face it if you are making music because you think you are going to strike it rich you are dreaming. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to even get your music listened to. For me I make music because it keeps me sane and frankly I can’t stand half of the stuff that is out there now. It all sounds the same and it’s jut a bunch of noise to me.  Anyways I threw a link up on here If anyone is interested in checking it out. By the way in case you are wondering I produce under the name EE2 (EE squared).

Thank you all to my friends and family for supporting my passion all these years. 
Best Chillout & Lounge Music 2014 – 200

Why are large Tech Companies Coming out against Net Neutrality? Things that make you go Hmmm.

It’s interesting to see the names that are in the list of companies who are coming out against net neutrality. There is one major thing in common between all of them. They all seem to make networking technologies. You think maybe they are really doing this for a different reason to push their agenda’s and seizing the opportunity to sell more products, without Net Neutrality?

Original Article:
Thank you to Eric Duquene for sending this over to me.

Google pushing for a more secure internet globally | Why installing an SSL is important

Google is recommending to warn people when they search the internet or when ever they visit a webpage with Chrome stating that this page is not secure. Considering that only 33% of the worlds websites are secure that is a huge step forward in combating internet security issues. How many of you have already been hit by credit card fraud? There are two types of people those that have been hit by fraud and those that have not been hit yet. I for one have experienced it numerous times placing orders online at websites that aren’t trusted. Nothing is worse than having to deal with credit card fraud or identity theft.

Microsoft has already disabled fallback to SSL 3.0. Recently, Microsoft announced SSL 3.0 fallback blocking. Starting February 10, 2015, the insecure SSL 3.0 protocol will be disabled for Internet Explorer 11 by default. There is no due date for complete SSL 3.0 removal from IE and across all Microsoft online services. Google has already removed support for the fallback to SSL 3.0 in Chrome 39, which was released in late November. TLS implementations should make use of TLS_FALLBACK_SCSV. It will be supported by Google Chrome and Google servers beginning in February 2015, and it is expected that there will be no compatibility problems.
SSL 3.0 fallback must be blocked on all levels due to POODLE attack, a vulnerability that allows an attacker to decrypt data transmitted between a user and a website if a vulnerable version of the protocol is in use. SSL 3.0 fallback support allows an attacker to force an HTTPS connection to a website to use SSLv3. Disabling support of the outdated weak SSL 3.0 protocol is sufficient to mitigate this issue.

Luckily for a small fee you can secure your website with a SSL certificate that can be purchased from Godaddy, or any other site that sells SSL certificates. has a deal right now for 75% off all their certificates. For a little more than $7.00 you can secure your website and your customers.

I would be happy to help anyone who is need of getting an SSL certificate installed for their website. Feel free to contact me and I will be glad to assist. I do not charge for my assistance installing SSL certificates.

DARPA is at it again turning the tables one more time with EXACTO

Wasn’t there a movie that came out in the 1980’s called Runaway? I remember this movie growing up as a kid and how intrigued i was by it. Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t the gun in this movie programmed to kill specific targets? How scary is it to know that science fiction turns into reality. This technology will revolutionize the way wars are fought, and reduce friendly fire and casualties.I love technology, lets just hope its used for the right reasons and not another abuse of power.

Thoughts anyone?


PCI Compliance doesn’t have to be complicated

If you are like most companies out there and you accept credit cards I am sure you have either faced PCI compliance or will be sooner than later. In today’s world PCI compliance is a must have considering all of the credit card theft that happens on a daily basis. I recently had a client that kept failing PCI compliance testing for their credit card processing and when you do a lot of transactions like these guys do it can be a make or break situation. There are now fines being issued to non compliant companies. One of the best tools I have used out there and why I even love it even more is because it’s FREE yes a free PCI compliant testing tool. I like to use Hacker Guardian by Comodo. They give you 5 free scans and up to 3 IP’s to check against. In as little as 2 free PCI scans you can get your network for the most part 99.99% compliant to the industry standard.

HackerGuardian PCI Compliance Testing
HackerGuardian Free PCI Compliance Scanning